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    If you need help building, running, or troubleshooting a problem with MonoDevelop or related components, you can:

    For general help about the Mono framework, take a look at the Mono website.

    Reporting Bugs

    Reporting bugs is a very easy way to help contribute to any project. MonoDevelop bugs are be filed at

    To report a bug, follow the steps below:

    1. Create a Bugzilla account
    2. Ensure the bug you are reporting hasn't already been fixed. Install the latest version of MonoDevelop using the "Current Development" instructions on the download page.
    3. Review the open MonoDevelop bugs and make sure that your bug hasn't been submitted already.
    4. If it hasn't been submitted, submit a new MonoDevelop bug.

    Error traces gathered by running MD from a terminal are often helpful in tracking down a bug. For more information read the article on logging.