Release Notes for MonoDevelop 3.0.5

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    Bug Fixes

    • Close solution files when closing a solution using the context menu
    • Fixed issue in the watch window which caused MonoDevelop to prints big ammounts of debug output
    • Fixed crash when showing code completion in the debugger watch view
    • Fixed slowdown when switching from/to MonoDevelop
    • Fixed evaluation of "base." expressions in the Immediate window
    • Fixed the Windows debugger to use the correct version of xsp when debugging ASP.NET apps
    • Fixed the Breakpoint Pad to delete breakpoints when hitting the Delete key
    • Fixed support for decimals in the Soft Debugger
    • Fixed resolution of static fields on classes that may not have been loaded
    • Don't prefer the DisasseblyView over the document view when debugging
    • Improved auto-completion in the Debugger Watch Pad

    MonoMac / MonoTouch

    • Subfolders in /Resources don't seem to work properly with XCode
    • Support for iOS6 PassKit in the Info.plist editor
    • iOS6 Maps Integration UI editing support
    • UIStatusBar plist editor options for iOS6
    • Support for setting the iPhone5 launch image
    • Fixed bug: Changing from Universal -> iPhone/iPod in Info.plist does not remove UISupportedInterfaceOrientations~ipad
    • Added privacy info.plist keys
    • Support for mtouch --abi (to allow building for armv7s)


    • Improved support for managed resources in Android libraries
    • Added support for AIDL files
    • Designer fixes:
      • When opening a layout with invalid xml, allow editing the xml in the source view
      • Improved the dialog for editing devices
      • Properly resize margin handles when zooming
      • Fix icorrect positioning of resize handle after resizing
      • Fix layout loading error when using a namespace other than 'android' in the xml file
      • Display base class properties in the property pad
      • Improved look of selection marker when selecting an item inside a scroll view which is partially hidden.
      • Fixed bug: Selection frame moves when scrolling layout
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